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Dodo Gombar


Janáček Academy of Performing Arts | Theatre Faculty. 22 de fevereiro a 3 de março, ESMAE

We will work with a free retelling of Hamlet's theme and topic.

We will focus on the main characters and their mirror in today's world. Monologue “ to be or not to be...” should students know by heart in Portuguese. For me is very important, they could speak in native language, of course language of our communication will be English, but i wish to enter into your language, I believe, I will be able to understand rhytm and the soul of it. becouse my desire is to offer space of creation and freedom, use of native language is important., maybe we will work also with silence, to try to find other ways of comunication.. Our fundament will be allways Hamlet, this story and cobweb of relationships.. on these grounds we will build a new shape. It is the shape which we live.. through the 420 year old text we touch our lives, we discover the message which impacts our everyday life...