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Ableton Live 11


Software de gravação e edição áudio. Workshop: ESMAE, 19 e 20 de março. Concerto: data a anunciar

19 e 20 de março, 10h00-12h00 e 14h00-16h00 - Pavilhão 2

Em data a anunciar: Concerto, Sala Teresa Macedo

NOTA: Este evento estava anteriormente agendado para 12, 13 e 14 de março

Inscrições para o workshop pelo mail  (abertas até 18 de março, 12h00)


After the release of Live 11 in the first months of 2021, we would like to update you about the new features of the software. In this context, we would like you to join us in our free seminar, which offers an in-depth perspective on Live 11, organized by Ableton.

Composer and sound engineer Prof. Dr. Mehmet Can Özer will demonstrate the new features of Live 11.

After the sessions there will be a question and answer session with him.

Introduction to Live 11

Topics to be covered:

Two different orientations: Session and Arranging Views
Editing clips, new randomness features
Using some built-in effects and instruments such as Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Audio Processing Tools
Using midi devices
Midi Effects
Using Simpler
Improvising and capturing ideas
I/O possibilities of Live 11

Unorthodox ways of using Live 11

This will be towards a more abstract and creative use of Live 11.

Follow Action feature
A look at some of the sample sound packs, Spitfire Audio
New Effects and usage tips
MPE Support
Max for Live devices: Inspired by the Nature, PitchLoop
Improved Max for Live support

Ableton Team

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Mehmet Can Özer