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Pavlos Antoniadis


Workshop, Contemporary Piano Music - Sala Teresa Macedo, 13 de dezembro, 15h00-16h00. IV Encontro Internacional de Piano Contemporâneo

Contemporary Piano Music

Simulation of learning: Iannis Xenakis "Mists" - Starting guide.

Workshop for students


"Pavlos Antoniadis (PhD in music & musicology, University of Strasbourg-IRCAM, Prix de thèse 2019; MA in Piano Performance, University of California, San Diego; Master's in Musicology, National University of Athens) is a musicologist, pianist and technologist from Korydallos, Greece. His practice-oriented research has focused on both historic and systematic aspects of 20th and 21st century music, notably the performance practice of complex contemporary and experimental music, as well as on embodied cognition and on the development of tools for technology-enhanced learning & performance. He is invited researcher of the Interaction-Son-Musique-Mouvement team at IRCAM, and previously associate of the Laboratory of Excellence GREAM, Université de Strasbourg, where he also taught seminars on computer music and contemporary performance practice."