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Masterclass de Piano


Com Peter von Wienhardt, 17 a 20 de janeiro

17, 19 e 20 de Janeiro: 9h00-14h00

18 de Janeiro: das 13h30 às 19h30


Peter von Wienhardt é professor na Musikhochschule Münster (Alemanha)



 "Peter von Wienhardt, pianist, composer and arranger, is increasingly in demand as a conductor. Always searching, it is his personal mark to explore new shores of musical expression. Information, improvisation, re-composition and cadencing have become as much a part of his music as they are of his life as a whole. The search for the meaning and the character in a piece of music lies at the heart of his artistry. His concerts are also enriched further by the verbal expression of his thoughts, which he shares with his audience. His technical virtuosity and sight reading facility have allowed him to acquire an extensive repertoire, which encompasses seldom-heard repertoire (pieces) of all styles. 

To answer to the demands of expression and intention as performer, composer and arranger; to serve the orchestra as its conductor, to understand the piano and the orchestra as a living instrument playing an idea from and by the soul: these are his goals. He organizes, analyzes and brings structure to the music, not merely a regurgitating but always a creative musician, whose ideas frequently develop out of a specific situation, in a room or directly with the public. His special programmatic mark is the performance of “seemingly impossible”, “unplayable” or extremely complicated works. Preposterous compositions or unforeseen developments from Renaissance to Contemporary music challenge him. His creed: “Every work of music deserves at the very least one perfect performance in accordance with the composer’s intentions. Only then will its history be decided.” This creed coins his art. 

From 1998 until 2012 he was able to share his knowledge/experience with outstanding young performers of international orchestras at the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival Orchestra Academy and to disseminate his impassioned and historically informed musical style. 

Peter von Wienhardt, born in Budapest in 1966 and raised in Germany, has travelled (nearly) everywhere in the world as a musician. He won many prizes (among others Cziffra-Liszt, Deutscher Musikrat, Echo Klassik etc.) and has published manifold recordings as a soloist, with orchestras and chamber music with great artists. Since 2006 he holds the chair as professor for piano and crossover in Münster and is managing director of the Aaserenaden in Münster. Besides music in all its varieties and genres his other great passion is travelling and getting to know the world; he practices this extensively on his concert tours! "