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Exploring the Voice


Com Elia Muñoz


 1.- Contents 

To explore the underlying principles of body/voice training for actors from the perspective of the body in movement awareness and its perception. 

To reactivate the perception as a work tool from the point of view of the conscious control and of the mind/body. 

To explore linked physical and voice exercises which allow to express our being, our ideas and emotions, to truthfully communicate from our imagination and creativity. 

1.1- Relaxation as the source of energy 

- Active relaxation and body readiness for vocal development. To detect ordinary muscular control which interferes with involuntary and natural processes of our breathing. 

- Body map awareness. 

- Breathing. To free and activate vital breathing. Instinctive connection between breathing and emotions. 


1.2.- Anatomy applied to vocal practice 

- The musculoskeletal system; support and weight. 

- Releasing and relaxation of the thorax. 

- The spine and vibration. 

- Interaction between the locomotor/pneumatic and vocal body to reach a true communication. 


1.3.- Application of the Alexander technique to vocal practice 

- Primary control. 

- The concept and use of directions. Doing / Non-Doing. 

- Body alignment according to its centre and weight.