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P.PORTO commitment to quality and quality assurance, enshrined in the rules of the institution, is the basis for the development of its mission.

For this reason, the entire P.PORTO universe is covered by its internal quality assurance system (SIGaQP.PORTO), that, in turn, articulates with the various Teaching Units, systematically covering the range of activities developed by P.PORTO in the scope of its institutional mission.

The objective of the system is to strengthen the institution's culture of quality, following national and international standards for quality assurance, defining processes, procedures and mechanisms necessary to implement the Quality Policy and support the Strategic Plan.

The most relevant documents of SIGaQP.PORTO are the Quality Manua  and the Strategic Plan. The Quality Manual was conceived with the intervention of all Teaching and Research Units, Education Welfare Services and the Presidency Secretariat. It is a transverse management tool recognised by all units, the cores of success in the institution. The manual lays out responsibilities of all bodies, at all levels of management, in the processes of quality assurance; it defines processes for continuous improvement, including monitoring, analysis/diagnosis and resulting intervention; it establishes means for partner participation - students, teachers, non-teaching staff, researchers and external parties; it defines mechanisms for the continuous improvement of the system and means to monitor and review quality policies.

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