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ESMAE - About us


It is in the silence of the open path:

The bigger the soul bigger the desert

Bigger the thirst and the mirage

Of the world at our image.

Luís Veiga Leitão

The motivation to idealize and project is strictly connected to the notion of school that, we may affirm that without it, this would never be possible.

Now that it is proven this intimate relation, we believe to be necessary to declare that, in not so many occasions and because of this excess of proximity, schools risk not to tell who they are, not to fulfil their destiny and to lose themselfsing long queues in the search for their time and their voice.

ESMAE, as a school of performing arts - Music, Theatre and Dance, believes that what gives strength to its existence is what it chooses to fulfil its thought, what decides to do with its work and what it decides to have for horizon.

Therefore, by travelling to a sensitive territory, it called for itself a bigger responsibility to give answers, to say yes to the polyphonic appeal of life, proposing singular curriculum, promoters of proficiency and constructers of the artistic mind in a challenging artistic and scientific working environment. And what for?

To underline its students profi les by imagining them being technically robust, ethically irreproachable, aesthetical bold, and with them contaminate the feelings and minds of everybody.

As is only to be expected, ESMAE is not alone. Welcomed by the Polytechnic of Porto in a healthy coexistence of almost three decades, and set to be a reference in Portuguese Public Art Teaching, it formed the basis of her work - her Noah’s Arc - in a beautiful artistic quarter of downtown Porto, Rua da Alegria n° 503, honouring the history of the old building of the “Magistério Primário”.

It has seven hundred students, one hundred and twenty professors of seventeen different nationalities and thirty non-academic staff willing to make the guts creation in a hug to the city, the country and the world in more than two hundred annual artistic performances.



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