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Evaluation of teaching/ learning tools and assessment in Language Teaching for Specific Purposes 

Synchronic study and evaluation of the students' adhesion and the impact of multimedia and interactive materials on their academic success (...) 

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Learning work-related lexis in the classroom: a study on the effectiveness of the inductive approach

The Research project, initiated in late 2008, in which the Cell is currently working on at this moment, is a non-financed project (...) 

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Tutors Network: interaction with peers and their impact on the correlation between the perception of the quality of the learning process and self-investment in the process

A two-phased study on the impact of peer interaction, organized in a network of tutors and supervised by Language teachers (...)

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Teaching English for Specific Purposes: translation as the 5th skill

Development, implementation, and evaluation of an experimental methodology through translation (...)

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Terminology and Linguistic Standardization: proposals for the area of wine tourism

Research project developed under the scope of Specialized Languages applied to wine tourism domain (...)


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