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The priority action axis of P.PORTO in R&D aims at generating knowledge to meet society’s great challenges, whether they are of a local, regional or international nature.

Our culture combines leadership with partnership, convergence with diversity, competitiveness with cooperation.

P.PORTO comprises 30 research centres and groups present in its seven Schools, which participate in multiple national and international R&D projects, thus obtaining significant recognition for their scientific outcomes and impact, both in companies and cause driven organisations. Other independent R&D units, funded by FCT, and research groups belonging to associate labs and research units are also part of our research activities.

Leadership and partnership in strategic networks who transform society

We bridge senior researchers' efficiency with young researchers' audacity. Our culture is based on the deep and constant dialectics between accomplishment and production. We have a pragmatic, performance driven thinking. We promote a sustained and inclusive work strategy. We cooperate and lead at national and international level.

These are the guidelines that drive the research process at P.PORTO

We think as a network. We create as a network. 

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