Advanced studies in POLYPHONY

Postgraduate 2018/19 - for singers and historic instrumentalists



One-year postgraduate course aimed at active professionals or pre-professionals in renaissance and baroque repertoires (singers and instrumentalists - recorder, shawm, dulcian, cornetto, sackbut, viol, lute, harp, keyboard instruments, etc.) who are interested in developing their experience in polyphonic repertoires from the 16th-18thcenturies within an applied philological framework.

The goal is to stimulate the concept of the Historically Formed Performer as opposed to the idea of Historically Informed Performance. In order to achieve this, students will receive specialized training which focusses on the performance of polyphonic repertoire from 1500’-1700’ in direct contact with historical sources, the command of historical learning techniques such as solmization, canon, counterpoint, diminution and improvisation, and the understanding of fundamental theoretical aspects such as counterpoint, modality, rhetoric and poetics.

The course brings upon itself also the mission of recovering and bringing to light unpublished or less studied repertoire through public performances and audio recordings. 

The different fields of study are articulated and converge around laboratorial and performative moments organized in ten sessions of 24 hours each, held on weekends (Friday to Sunday). Different repertoires will be approached according to the profile of the selected candidates.




Performance Practice: 84h; Projects: 54h; Sight Reading & Solmization: 14h; Compositional Techniques & Counterpoint: 14h; Improvisation & Contraponto alla mente: 14h; Diminution: 14h;
Music in context: 12h; Mensural notation: 12h; Modes: 8h; Poetics: 8h



Pedro Sousa Silva PhD

Coordination, Performance Practice, Projects, Sight Reading & Solmization, Diminution, Music in Context

Eugénio Amorim PhD

Performance Practice, Projects, Sight Reading & Solmization, Music in Context, Compositional Techniques & Counterpoint

Hugo Sanches MA

Performance Practice, Projects, Music in Context, Mensural Notation, Poetics

Ronaldo Lopes MA

Performance Practice, Projects, Diminution, Music in Context, Improvisation & Contraponto alla mente

José Abreu PhD

Compositional Techniques & Counterpoint, Music in Context, Improvisation & Contraponto alla mente, Mensural notation, Modes



19-21 October 2018; 16-18 November 2018; 14-16 December 2018; 18-20 January 2019; 15-17 February 2019; 15-17 March 2019; 12-14 April 2019; 17-19 May 2019; 14-16 June 2019; 12-14 July 2019



for singers and historic instrumentalists

numerus clausus: 8-12 students
5 June -1 September: Application
10-15 September: Entrance Exam
20-26 September: Enrolment
19 October: Beggining of lessons



Non edited video recording of solo performance (renaissance or baroque repertory)
First sight intonation of renaissance melody*
* by skype upon request

For detailed information about the application visit www.esmae.ipp.pt