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Postgraduate Course in Opera and Music-Theatre Studies

The post-graduated Course in Opera and Music-Theatre Studies at the ESMAE was created in the school year 2012/13, promoting interdisciplinarity between the Departments of Music and Theatre.

The course targets an audience of opera students and professionals of Opera and Musical Theatre (singers, conductors, set designers, light designers, costume designers, producers, stage directors, composers and coachers). During these 6 academic years about 60 students got their post-graduated diploma and over 20 different productions have been staged embracing the most varied repertoire of Opera and Musical Theatre from different styles, composers and musical periods. 

Many national theatres, all over the country, have received these Opera and Musical-Theatre productions : the TNSJ (Porto), the Coliseum (Porto), the Vila Flor Cultural Center (Guimarães) Theatro Circo (Braga), the Casa  das Artes (Famalicão), THSC (Porto) the Teatro of Portimão, the Teatro of Castelo Branco, etc. 

The Postgraduate Course in Opera of the ESMAE (Superior School of Music and Drama of Porto) is since 2017 partner of the EOA network (European Opera Academy). So, our students have now the opportunity to visit other Academies that belong to the European network of Opera, performing the various modules of their choice and integrating the productions of their election. You may visit the website of the EOA partnership and consult the list of Academies and the list of Modules offered by each one of the Partners that constitute the EOA. The Postgraduate Course in Opera of the ESMAE is also, since 2013, an associated partner of the ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies).



The postgraduate course lasts one academic year – 2 semesters (60 credits). At the end of the studies the students receive an EOA Certificate, a Diploma Courses in Opera and Musician-Theater Studies issued by ESMAE.



https://portal.ipp.pt/destaques/prnoticias.aspx (Portuguese)


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1st Phase: 6th March to 18th April 

2nd Phase: 3rd June to 3rd July (only if there are surplus places)

3rd Phase: 12th August to 2nd September (only if there are surplus places) 


European Opera Academy

The European Opera Academy (EOA) is an ambitious platform for music academies of higher education across Europe that constitute a network of Opera Studies and which bases its learner activity on the exchange of knowledge in order to develop and offer their students best practices in musical theater and opera.

The EOA aims to respond to new developments in Opera and Musical Theater, offering a set of improvement modules in music academies selected throughout Europe. This educational platform is a meeting point for benchmarking international education in opera and musical theater and taking into account the personal needs and talents of each student.

The EOA offers new modules and productions every day goes by! The number of Academies is growing and, therefore the range of possibilities offered by our partners - Music academies from all over Europe – is also increasing. Several of the partner Academies have links to opera houses, vocal competitions and / or festivals, which will allow them to provide students with the best environment to prepare for their careers. 

The EOA's proposal is to create expectations, opportunities and diversified possibilities of study and performance for their students and encourage them to improve their and development of their skills. They will do part of an exchange of best practices, best Knowledge and transnational education. And, in this way, they will meet the demands in the labor market in the context of opera and musical theater.

The European Opera Academy (EOA) began its activity won September 1, 2017. The new Modules of EOA will be taught over several periods of the 2017-2018 school year. Deadlines for registration are mentioned in each description of the module. If you have questions about the contents of the modules of your interest, please explain them to the person responsible for contacts with the music academy where the module will be taught: Please visit: www.europeanopera.academy

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