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Technology Transfer

P.PORTO, as a leading higher education institution, must be a dynamic landmark, creating and updating knowledge and handing it over to society through education and training systems and the use of this knowledge in innovation processes supporting the community.

That is technology transfer, and thanks to it, we managed to contribute positively towards the economic and social progress.

Standing for the values of its mission statement, the P.PORTO has been increasing externally the knowledge transfer. Acknowledging and recognising the power of our scientific production, at the same time, the technological centres consolidate and respond to market demands along with partnerships promoting the technology transfer between P.PORTO and the exterior.

Thus, OTIC - the Technology Transfer and Knowledge Workshop stand out as an excellent interface between P.PORTO and society. Since innovation is a live concept in our laboratories and our classrooms, the intervention of a facilitator entity is necessary to promote the export of this know-how outside our campuses.

The OTIC action program is developed around four main guiding axes. Namely by the protection and management of Intellectual property, the transfer and appreciation of knowledge, the support to project management and the promotion of the entrepreneurship.


Thus, these axes originate a wider set of objectives:  to promote the appreciation of technology and knowledge; to transfer the knowledge and technology developed in P.PORTO to the business community, changing them into innovation; to create dynamic cooperation between the demands of business/social community with an appropriate action from the Academia; to motivate students, investigators and faculty for entrepreneurial spirit; to promote partnerships with companies and industry; to strengthen institutional relations both at a regional and European level.

Finally, it all  comes down to the provision of the following services: events devoted to the entrepreneurship, to technology transfer and international cooperation (seminaries, conferences, meetings); protection of the industrial property; consultancy; and training.

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OTIC aims to be a facilitator and promoting agent in terms of industrial property processes developed in P.PORTO. We believe that by providing specialised services in this domain, we will generate value for the Institution, as well as for all the community.

The protection and patent register resources are not compulsory for those who intend to develop or explore an invention, an aesthetic creation or to name products and services in the market. But, in many cases, this is important because only this way, one may have the benefits of the industrial property rights.  Specifically: legal monopoly, protecting misuses; the right to use symbols that inhibit the rights infringement; to minimize the risks of conflicts of property of rights and commercialization; and, finally, property right that allows the profitable use of investments, such as operating permits, among others.

With the Regulation of Intellectual Property, approved in 2008, we seek to foster the protection and appreciation of the Intellectual property rights from the seven  Schools of P.PORTO and to give our collaborators direct access to the benefits of this recognition.

Whoever is interested in this topic may analyse the Regulation of Intellectual property of Polytechnic of Porto and its Politics of Intellectual Property Management, besides visiting useful sites as the Company Portal, the Portuguese Institute of Intellectual property (INPI), the IAPMEI – Public Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, the ARBITRARE – Arbitration Centre for Industrial Property, the Copyright bureau ( GDA), the Portuguese Association of Intellectual property law ( APDI) and the Portuguese Authors Society (SPA).

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