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Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman (Provedor do Estudante) defends the rights and ensures the interests of the academic community of P.PORTO by mediating in an independent, impartial and confidential way.

Its role is to ensure the legality of the actions carried out by management bodies, services and all those involved in students’ educational process and their compliance with the objectives of promoting institutional quality and academic success.

Students can file individual or collective claims connected to actions or omissions by any agent, service or authority in P.PORTO and its various schools. They can also make suggestions concerning educational services and social services.

The Student Ombudsman and their staff are bound to confidentiality on all information to which they have access.

The Ombudsman's functions are defined by P.PORTO’s Student Ombudsman Regulation (Regulamento do Provedor do Estudante) approved by the General Council (Conselho Geral) and falls within the scope of Articles 38 and 39 of the P.PORTO’s Statutes (Estatutos do P.PORTO).

For most problems, the student should never forget that it is in the School that the most appropriate means to solve the problem are: the teachers; the person responsible for the course; the person responsible for the department in which the course belongs to; the pedagogical council; the students’ union; among others.

In those particular situations for which no solution has been found, situations that demand patient, informal and discrete as well as independent, impartial and confidential mediation, the student should contact the Student Ombudsman before reaching a complete rupture between the parties in conflict. 

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