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Our vocation is to teach: not only knowing how to know, but also knowing how to do and knowing how to be. We do not just claim it, we do it. We are at the forefront of higher education in Portugal: seven schools, 58 undergraduate courses, 50 master's programmes and 18000 students make up an open, challenging and multicultural community

Our profile is balanced with about 1500 teachers with academic as well as technological or business competences and skills, and with teaching practice supported by research that is nationally and internationally recognized.

In the rankings on admission, one of the most interesting indicators to reflect the perception and acceptance of social institutions, P.PORTO remains in a competitive position, alongside the biggest and best universities. In 2015, the first phase of CNAES, P.PORTO admitted 2,794 students out of the 3,026 places available, filling 92.3% of the vacancies.

Housed in a competitive geographical context, P.PORTO is able to create unique conditions for those wishing to pursue a training path that is concerned with solving specific challenges. We value the creation of pragmatic and technologically innovative educational environments, thus promoting a challenging and creative daily life.

Our identity is reflected in the transversal educational offers; in the number of students that we attract as first and second preferences; in the highly qualified teaching staff; in our international dimension; and our involvement with contemporary innovation challenges.

P.PORTO features a range of undergraduate, master's and other specialisation courses in areas covering a wide spectrum of knowledge: Education, Health, Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism, Arts, Management and Technology, Business Sciences. It is an exemplary vocational training offer, concerned with the acquisition of the basic skills for professional practice and linked to the requirements of innovation and competitiveness.

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