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Master in Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Constructions

The Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEP is a multifaceted expertise that enables students to deepen knowledge in one of the four different mechanical engineering branches: Mechanical ...

The Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEP is a multifaceted expertise that enables students to deepen knowledge in one of the four different mechanical engineering branches: Mechanical Constructions, Energy, Industrial Management or Materials and Manufacturing Processes. The course aims to give also a remarkable practical component leading to know how to do. This course is the logical path for those who successfully complete the degree in Mechanical Engineering or Automotive Mechanical Engineering, but is open to students provided with other basic training in engineering, since minimally similar.


Número: 6361
N.º Despacho/Portaria: 13843/2011
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Experimental Stress Analysis 1st Semester
Composite Materials 1st Semester
Selection of Materials and Manufacturing Processes 1st Semester
Structural Analysis 1st Semester
Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems (optional) 1st Semester
Business Administration (optional) 1st Semester
Process Planning and Analysis (optional) 1st Semester
Quality Tools (optional) 1st Semester
Industrial Controls and Automation 2st Semester
Dynamics of Structures 2st Semester
Contact Mechanics 2st Semester
Welding Processes 2st Semester
Reliability and Maintenance (optional) 2st Semester
Operations Research (optional) 2st Semester
Motor Systems in Vehicles (optional) 2st Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Metallic Construtions 1st Semester
Finite Element Method 1st Semester
Special Structures (optional) 1st Semester
Fracture mechanics (optional) 1st Semester
Dissertation / Project / Traineeship Annual
  • Depending on the chosen specialization, graduates with a -Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEP are able to: Undertaking projects of mechanical equipment and steel structures
  • Designing and implement automated systems
  • Analyzing and perform analyses about industrial accidents
  • Designing of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Sizing pipes and heat exchangers
  • Conducting studies with a view to optimizing the energy consumption
  • Integrating planning teams and production control
  • Conducting studies and be responsible for the internal and external logistics companies
  • Managing departments and implement new quality assurance systems
  • Proceeding to optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Analyzing problems related to materials eous manufacturing technologies
  • Knowing prepare routings and industrialization of new products. Also the scientific aspect has been treated conveientemente, allowing students with greater appetite for science can pursue their studies for Doutoramente, and several examples of former students who took over teaching functions in recent years.  

Applications to the master's degrees take place exclusively through www.isep.ipp.pt digital registration by completing the application form and attach the following documents: a) identity card, citizen card, passport or equivalent document in the country of origin; b) certificates of education; c) and the candidate's academic professional Curriculum; d) other documents which the applicant understand relevant to assessing his candidacy.   CAN APPLY TO MASTERS • Holders of a Bachelor's degree or legal equivalent; • Holders of a degree higher than abroad conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of Bologna by an acceding State to this process; • Holders of a degree higher than abroad to be recognized as meeting the objectives of the degree by the Technical Council-school Scientific; • Holders of a school curriculum, scientific and professional, that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Technical Council – School Science. Students who have completed a course of study leading to the Bachelor's degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto in the immediately preceding school year have vague ensured in the scientific area of the master's degree or similar, competing through own quota, through the gate of the ISEP in normal period of registration. SELECTION METHODS Candidates will be selected by a jury, taking into account the following aspects: a) Academic average score; b) Scientific Curriculum; c) Professional CV. APPLICATION DATES TO MASTERS 1st phase: June (public notice) 2nd phase: August 3rd phase: September (The second and third phase open just in case of availability due to a lower number of applications than the maximum on the previous phase.) TUITION FEES € 950/ scholar year Possibility of phased payment frequency and partial arrangements (€ 630,50 / scholar year in partial regime). For more information about dates and application requirements, please contact our Academic Division: info-saisep.ipp.pt 228 340 500.

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