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P.PORTO TV intends to release videos clips to the Porto Polytechnic community and to reinforce the links between the Schools and the Presidency Services, getting closer to the Alumni, the companies and other Higher Education institutions.

Organized by the Center for Intercultural Studies (CEI) of the Porto Accounting and Business School, from P.PORTO, this conference gathered eastern/western professionals from academic and research institutions in order to describe and evaluate current or possible areas of cooperation, as well as share experiences on students and employees/professors mobility, strategical partnerships, joint diplomas and degrees, summer courses, intercultural communication between institutions, cultural adaptability, networking and cooperation in scientific research.
The Porto Polytechnic and the Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro signed an agreement during the official opening of two Masters  of the Porto Accounting and Business School, from P.PORTO.

From 7 to 9 October, the Porto Engineering School, from P.PORTO, organized the TEEM 2015, keeping its multicultural nature and combining different aspects of applied technology to the development of Knowledge society, with a special regard to the educational and learning questions.

The Porto Accounting and Business School, from P.PORTO, hosted   the International Conference on Secretarial Work and Management Assistance, held from 8 to 11 April.The thematic one of this year was:"The contemporary Management Assistance: challenges and forward looking, knowledge and innovation".
As a way to celebrate its 35th anniversary, the School of Healthcare Technology of Porto, from the P.PORTO, organized  the II International Health Congress Gaia-Porto (CISGP) from the 19 to 21 November 2015, in the Auditorium of the Porto School of Engineering, from the P.PORTO.