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Occupational Safety Engineering

Accredited for: 6 years in

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862 - Segurança e higiene no trabalho
Number: R/A-Ef-819/2011
No. dispatch/concierge: DESPACHO Nº 8343/2011 (2ª Série)
1º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Applied Statistics I Summer Semester
Applied Mathematics II Summer Semester
Electricity Summer Semester
Labour Psychosociology Summer Semester
Chemistry II Summer Semester
Materials and Technology Summer Semester
Chemistry I Winter Semester
Biology Winter Semester
Physics Winter Semester
Applied Mathematics I Winter Semester
Organisational Management Winter Semester
Technical Drawing Winter Semester
2º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Safety Against Fire Summer Semester
Information and Comunication Techniques Summer Semester
Ergonomics Summer Semester
Machines Safety Summer Semester
Ethics and Deontology Summer Semester
Occupational Hygiene II Summer Semester
Labor Law and Regulatory Winter Semester
Occupational Hygiene I Winter Semester
Applied Statistics II Winter Semester
Safety in the Chemical Industry Winter Semester
Safety at Work Winter Semester
3º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Project Summer Semester
Training Design and Management Summer Semester
Toxicology Summer Semester
Occupational Safety and Health Manegement Summer Semester
Analysis, Management and Risk Control Winter Semester
Prevention Management and Emergency Planning Winter Semester
Safety in Construction Winter Semester
Occupational Health and First Aid Winter Semester
Quality Management and Environmental Management Winter Semester

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